Meet Mrs. Anna-Alexandra Rojo Wildman

Anna-Alexandra Rojo Wildman teaches ballet for Doncov Dance Company.

Her entrance into the world of ballet began with her enrollment in the Centre de Danse ballet school when she was four years old. The Centre de Danse is a highly respected school located in Washington, DC that employs the Classical ballet method. She maintained a continuous connection with the school, beginning with taking classes and participating in dance intensives with renowned international instructors, performing in the annual show, and finally, becoming a teacher there. For over a decade, she taught ballet classes to all ages, and in addition to continuing to perform, she participated in all aspects of many of the annual productions, from set design, lighting, and choreography, to setting dances with the students. A DC native, Anna also taught music to PK-3 through eighth grades at Our Lady of Victory School in Northwest.